Our Story

Little Gypsy Home is a family owned and operated business nestled between Sydney and Newcastle on the Central Coast.

As a proud mum of both a son and daughter, the inspiration for our business name evolved from the spiritedness of our daughter whom we have fondly nicknamed Little Gypsy.

Our "Little Gypsy Home" tribe are explorers of travel and design and began sourcing handmade unique pieces for our own "home sweet home".

Along with this came the inspiration to share with others, and so, "Little Gypsy Home" was born.

Starting off as home styling and now to an online store, our collection is sourced globally and on home soil.

We work alongside a team of amazing artisans whom handcraft unique pieces from sustainable raw organic, natural materials that we love and adore.

Bring a Little Gypsy into your Home.


Happiness is Homemade!

Little Gypsy Home xx